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Elon Musk

Entrepreneur, Inventor

I have a lot of respect for inventors, especially the kind that are not just trying to advance technology and ultimately make a ton of money, but the kind that are doing it for other reasons like making the world a better place. Musk falls into that category. A super bright kid often bullied by others, he was coding at a very young age and sold his first video game at age 12.


He went on to start a string of companies that made him extremely wealthy including Zip2,, Paypal, Solar City, SpaceX and of course Tesla Motors. In 2014 Musk announced he would open Tesla’s patents to any company operating in good faith and with the goal to reduce hydrocarbons.


His latest endevour is called Hyperloop. A high-speed transportation system incorporating pressurized tubes and capsules that can move people and cargo. Testing has already begun with the goal of creating a Hyperloop that will run between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Projections estimate the trip would take 35 minutes.


It’s this kind of creativity, vision and foresight that I admire about Musk. I wish there were more like him.


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