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Nikola Tesla

Electrical Engineer, Inventor

What can you say about Nikola Tesla? Probably the greatest inventor ever. Invented Alternating Current as opposed to Edison’s Direct Current which had many flaws. He actually worked for Edison for a period but it was clear he was way ahead of Edison in many ways. Upon Tesla’s death, the government came in and seized his papers and all records of his inventions. Essentially he invented wireless electricity as well as wireless communications. He claims he knew what the purpose of the pyramids were and how they could be reactivated. This is among the information that went missing. He invented X-Rays as well as radio among his many other inventions. Tesla could design and test very complex machinery all in his head. He said that he would enter a trance-like state and visualize things in great detail. He didn’t get rich off his inventions and would often let people steal his patents. He died penniless in New York City in 1943 at age 86.


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