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Marvel Superheroes

Like a lot of boys my age, I was seriously into comic books. Pretty much the super hero category, I didn’t care for the Archie and Richie Rich comics. I needed Superman, Batman, The Flash, Hawkman and later when Marvel hit the scene, Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America and the Daredevil. I still have a pile from my childhood that I break out every once in a while for an instant trip down memory lane. I would re-read them over and over and study the art trying to replicate the scenes. That definitely helped hone my drawing skills further. I was taking life drawing classes before I realized they existed, experimenting with the forced perspective to add excitement and drama, noticing how the exaggerated musculature was structured , proportions, shadows and detail all took a giant leap forward as a result. Plus you got the added bonus of an exciting story where the world hung in a precarious balance between good and evil.


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